Our fans and patrons are what make our efforts worthwhile.

To each and every one of you, we want to say,
"Thank You!"


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Our Singers:


    Peter Allen

    Boyd Cobb

    Galen Magnuson


    Dave Brown

    Scott Southwick

    Warren Neyenhuis


    Pam Crowley

    Rachel Hulls

​    Julie Hulls

    Chris Wise

    Tatum Breedlove​ 

    Terry Ryan

    Ry Schweitz


    Debra Kehoe

    Breanna Hatch

    Courtney Neuschwander

    Kiersten Owings

    Casey Trihey

 Artistic Director:

    Don Matlock



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If you'd like to become a special patron of our Society

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If you are interested in singing with the Montana

A Cappella Society, don't hesitate to let us know!

We accept new singers every season (spring and fall) and

we all come from a wide variety of musical experience

levels and backgrounds. Contact our Artistic Director

Don Matlock to meet and discuss!